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Wednesday October 8, 2008 MYT 9:31:45 PM

1. I have been in public service for over 45 years. I have served this country as a civil servant, and as an elected representative of the people. I have served as a member of government and feel blessed to serve in the highest office in the land. I have seen this country grow from a small, poor nation into the modern, prosperous Malaysia that we live in today.

2. Despite our successful track record, for the past few years I have firmly believed that our nation is standing at an historic crossroads. We must reform some elements of our nation, we must evolve and mature, or we risk losing all that we have gained in over 50 years. Throughout this time of reform and transformation, we Malaysians need to be united now more than ever before.

3. In all my years of service, I have always been guided by my conscience. I have always placed the interests of the nation above all else. It is with this in mind that I announce I will not stand for the Presidency of UMNO. I do not want a divided party and governing coalition, but one that is united and harmonious. A united Barisan Nasional is vital in order for the country to face the global challenges ahead and for Malaysia to become a fully developed nation, with prosperity and fairness for all.

4. My current term as President of UMNO ends in March next year. There are several initiatives I intend to see through before I leave office. These initiatives are important because they are necessary to move our country forward. These initiatives are needed to regain our country's competitiveness. They are necessary to enable our nation and our society to face the challenges that the world has in store for us. I ask all Malaysians to unite and join me in working towards making Malaysia a better place.

5. First, our institutions need to be reformed and strengthened.

i) The judiciary needs to enhance its stature and credibility in the eyes of the public. Before I end my term, I will table a Parliamentary Bill to establish a Judicial Appointments Commission. Such a Commission will propose judicial appointments in a transparent and merit-based manner.

ii) We also need a strong and effective anti-corruption body that can combat the cancer of corruption without fear or favour. Before the end of the year, I will table a Parliamentary Bill to establish the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, with greater powers of investigation and enforcement. The Commission's oversight structure has been modelled after the successful ICAC in Hong Kong.

iii) I also intend to complete the establishment of a Special Complaints Commission to enhance the integrity and effectiveness of enforcement agencies

6. Second, I have long spoken about the need to ensure that the fruits of growth are more equitably distributed. In the recent Budget, I explained the government's commitment to strengthening and enlarging the Social Safety Net.

We will speed up work on this front to help poor and disadvantaged Malaysians, regardless of background, race or religion.

I will also work to ensure that tangible results can begin to be enjoyed in Iskandar, as well as the development corridor initiatives around the country.

7. Third, I would like to see the Government and Barisan renew their commitment towards building a united and harmonious nation.

Society has seen an alarming decline in inter-racial and inter-religious relations. Various issues have cropped up which threaten to tear the very fabric of Malaysian life.

We need to tackle these issues head-on, through dialogue; deal with the issues constructively and even-handedly; ensure greater clarity and certainty for the people; and focus on the points that unite us, rather than the points that divide us.

For this reason, I will convene a BN Convention early next year. This is a long-term effort that I hope to kick-start and continue to contribute towards.

I fully intend to see through my mission, and I am sure that my successor will carry on this agenda.

I want to hand over to my successor a Malaysia that is capable of weathering the challenges of a dangerous global economy, a Malaysia not of rich and poor, of young and old or of the city or the kampung (village), not of south and north, and not of one religion or another but of unity and harmony.

This is not the time for infighting and narrow politics but for greatness, unity and cooperation.

PM will not defend Umno post

"I will not contest in the Umno elections," - Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Wednesday October 8, 2008 MYT 9:31:45 PM
KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will not defend his Umno presidency in the party polls next March, paving the way for his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

"I will not contest in the Umno elections," he told reporters after a Barisan Nasional Supreme Council meeting at the Putra World Trade Centre here on Wednesday.

"I do not want a divided party, or a divided government," he said.

Abdullah also told reporters that he would "stay on as Prime Minister" till March.

He also outlined several initiatives he wanted to see implemented before he leaves. These will be tabled in Parliament by the end of the year, he said.

They involve his on-going commitment to reforming the judiciary; an anti-corruption Bill to give more clout to combat corruption; and the special complaints commission to revamp the police force.

By tradition, the Umno president and deputy president become the prime minister and deputy prime minister respectively. Najib is expected to run for president, and if he wins, would become the nation’s sixth prime minister.

Abdullah also said he would discuss handing over the prime minister's post to Najib after the Umno elections.

"I know I've not been doing well; it's time for someone else to take over," he said, adding that Barisan leaders have received the news well.

He said that he believes that other Barisan leaders would accept Najib as his successor and that the latter would win the Umno polls.

He added that he would not pick a deputy for his successor Najib.

Abdullah had said after a special Umno supreme council meeting on Sept 26 that he would decide by Oct 9 whether he would defend his party presidency.

At the meeting, it was also decided that the Umno general assembly and supreme council elections, scheduled for Dec 16 to 20, will be postponed to March next year to facilitate an early transition of power from Abdullah to Najib.

Abdullah had also said then that the original June 2010 plan to hand over power as Prime Minister and Umno president was now off.

"We are talking about an earlier transition, so the 2010 plan does not arise any more," he had said.

Earlier on Wednesday, groups of supporters gathered outside the Umno headquarters here ahead of Abdullah’s meeting with the supreme council.

The supporters claimed to be from Umno divisions in Perak and Johor, as well as various non-governmental organisations.

Abdullah arrived at about 3.36pm to shouts of “Hidup Pak Lah” (Long live, Pak Lah).

Supporters were also heard shouting for Abdullah to follow the transition plan instead of stepping down now.

The supporters gathered outside the Umno building were holding banners which read “Hidup Pak Lah”, “Hormati Pengalihan Kuasa” (Respect the transition of power) and “Elak Perpecahan party” (Avoid splitting the party).

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Dalam kerendahan hati ada ketinggian budi. Dalam kemiskinan harta ada kekayaan jiwa. Dalam kelembutan lidah ada juga keterlanjuran kata. Dalam gurau dan senda ada khilaf dan dosa. MOHON AMPUN DAN MAAF DI ATAS SEGALANYA. EID MUBARAK.

Ikhlas dari,
Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

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What is the Story Behind the Eviction Order

After reading a newspaper report pertining to the Eviction Order given to Some 10,000 villagers from 13 Kedayan-Malay villages in Miri, is enough to make me, as a true-blooded Kedayan, terribly angry and disappointed on the inhumane actions by the authority which serves the Eviction Order.

More often than not, newspaper reports, is not telling the real story behind the Eviction Order. What we read from the newspaper reports is one-sided view, particularly on the timeline given by the authority in the Eviction Order. According to the report the villagers received the eviction notices from the Land and Survey Department recently (date not stated) asking them to move out by tomorrow (Monday, September 29, 2008).

If the report is true, the authority in Miri is indeed too cruel, unjust and inhumane towards the 10,000 Kedayan people particularly at the end of Ramadhan, merely two days before Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. As a true-blooded Kedayan, this is too much for me to swallow.

It is hard for me to evaluate the situation without the facts and figures. If there are any visitors / readers from Miri who are well versed with the issues and challenges faced by the 10,000 Kedayan people from 13 Kedayan villages in Miri, kindly post your comments or email to me direct at

At this moment in time the best thing I could do is to pray to Allah SWT, asking for His mercy to resolve the problem amicably in the shortest possible time. Amin.

Villagers see red over eviction order

Sunday September 28, 2008

MIRI: Some 10,000 villagers from 13 Kedayan-Malay villages in northern Sarawak are up in arms over a move to evict them from their century-old settlements.

They received the eviction notices from the Land and Survey Department recently asking them to move out by tomorrow.

The villages are located some 40km south of Miri City, along the Sarawak Second Coastal Highway near the Miri-Bintulu division boundary.

Yesterday, scores of villagers staged a demonstration by the road to tell motorists about their plight.

They unfurled banners and placards denouncing the eviction. The crowd grew as passers-by joined in the protest.

Two elderly Kedayan chieftains, Penghulu Sahar Pusha and Bengkil Bangkol, joined in the demonstration.

“This move to evict us is a huge shock. We have been living in these villages since 1910.

“We were told that they have plans to build a sawmill and develop oil palm plantations. We were informed that 1,800ha of our land had already been allocated for a sawmill.

“Where are we to go? This is our ancestral home. We have been here for almost 100 years,” said Sahar.

Bengkil claimed that the developer had already cleared four cemeteries to build access roads.

“We have sought urgent meetings with the relevant authorities to help us. We recently met Miri Land and Survey Department officials but they told us we have no right over the land because we only have provisional leases.

“We protested saying that we have native customary rights because our ancestors have been there since 1910 but they refuse to withdraw the eviction notices,” said Bengkil.

The villagers are now appealing to Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud to intervene and stop the eviction.

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بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 185

شَہۡرُ رَمَضَانَ ٱلَّذِىٓ أُنزِلَ فِيهِ ٱلۡقُرۡءَانُ هُدً۬ى لِّلنَّاسِ وَبَيِّنَـٰتٍ۬ مِّنَ ٱلۡهُدَىٰ وَٱلۡفُرۡقَانِ‌ۚ فَمَن شَہِدَ مِنكُمُ ٱلشَّہۡرَ فَلۡيَصُمۡهُ‌ۖ وَمَن ڪَانَ مَرِيضًا أَوۡ عَلَىٰ سَفَرٍ۬ فَعِدَّةٌ۬ مِّنۡ أَيَّامٍ أُخَرَ‌ۗ يُرِيدُ ٱللَّهُ بِڪُمُ ٱلۡيُسۡرَ وَلَا يُرِيدُ بِڪُمُ ٱلۡعُسۡرَ وَلِتُڪۡمِلُواْ ٱلۡعِدَّةَ وَلِتُڪَبِّرُواْ ٱللَّهَ عَلَىٰ مَا هَدَٮٰكُمۡ وَلَعَلَّڪُمۡ تَشۡكُرُونَ (١٨٥)

The month of Ramadân in which was revealed the Qur'ân, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadân i.e. is present at his home), he must observe Saum (fasts) that month, and whoever is ill or on a journey, the same number [of days which one did not observe Saum (fasts) must be made up] from other days. Allâh intends for you ease, and He does not want to make things difficult for you. (He wants that you) must complete the same number (of days), and that you must magnify Allâh [i.e. to say Takbîr (Allâhu-Akbar; Allâh is the Most Great) for having guided you so that you may be grateful to Him. – Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 185

Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa. Semoga Allah SWT menerima puasa dan amalan-amalan lain yang kita tunaikan serta amal kebajikan yang kita lakukan di bulan Al-Mubarak ini. Amin.

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More Motoring Tips - 10 Easy Ways to Save Over a Grand on Gas

by Sean Tucker
Tuesday, June 24, 2008 provided by U.S.News

According to the mileage book in my glovebox, I averaged about 21 miles per gallon in May. So far in June, I'm at 26.

New, more fuel-efficient, car?

Nope, I'm commuting in the same old Volvo S60 that has seen better days. Same dent in the right rear door. Same old Cheerios wedged under the child safety seat in back. (Yeah, I know. I'll get to it, Honey).

So how did I do it? I'm trying to learn to drive more efficiently, and little by little, it's working. With a few simple changes, you can easily squeeze more gas mileage out of the car you're already driving.

A Note on the Calculations:

Your mileage will vary. Governments and automakers estimate fuel mileage savings by percentage -- do x and you'll get five percent better fuel mileage. I wanted to know what they meant in real dollars, so I used the average mileage Americans actually got from their cars in 2007 (22.4 mpg, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics) and boosted it by the percentage each tip should gain. I've assumed you spend 55 percent of the time driving in the city and 45 percent driving on the highway. I borrowed those assumptions from the formula EPA uses to calculate the mileage of new cars.

Using the average price of a gallon of gas as of June 12 ($4.05, according to AAA) and assuming you drive 15,000 miles a year (according to EPA estimates), I calculated what each tip would save in a year. The numbers aren't a perfect prediction -- I have no idea what you drive, or what's in your trunk -- but they do provide an interesting perspective. Here are ten easy ways to put the math to the test and put some more cash in your wallet.

1. Get that "Check Engine" Light Checked Out:

Possible Savings: Off the charts

A faulty oxygen sensor -- a fairly common cause of those unexplained "check engine" lights -- can actually cost you up to 40 percent of your engine's performance. If the light's on, make the appointment now. It could pay for itself very quickly.

2. Check Your Tire Pressure:

Possible Savings 133.9 gallons/year ($542/yr)
According to some government estimates, the average driver could boost their fuel efficiency by 25 percent just by keeping their tires inflated. That's often a free, or cheap, repair. On my way to work, I pass two gas stations with air compressors I can use for free, and three -- apparently owned by cheapskates -- that take quarters.

3. Change Your Air Filter:

Possible Savings 60.9 gallons/yr ($247/yr)

Gas is half of the combustion equation. Air is the other half. A clogged air filter can rob 10 percent of your engine's efficiency. A new air filter can get that 10 percent back -- usually for under $15.

4. Drive 60 on the Highway, Not 75:

Possible Savings: 57.8 gallons/year ($234/yr)

On the highway, stay close to the speed limit, and keep your speed as constant as traffic allows. Most cars reach optimal gas mileage at about 60 miles per hour. Speeding up increases wind resistance against the car, making the engine work harder and burn more gas. According to the EPA, each 5 mph over 60 that you drive decreases fuel efficiency by up to seven percent.

5. Turn Off the A/C:

Possible Savings 31.9 gallons/yr ($129/yr)

Some air conditioners rob an engine up to five percent of its fuel economy. There is some controversy about this one -- many newer cars are able to compensate for the energy used by an air conditioner and don't suffer the same penalty for keeping cool.

6. Get Your Engine Tuned:

Possible Savings 25.8 gallons/year ($104/yr)

Most of us can boost our mpg by four percent with a simple tune-up.

7. Drive Calmly in the City

Possible Savings: 17.9 gallons/yr ($73/yr)

There's a red light up ahead. You're going to stop when you get to it. Do you keep your foot on the gas until it's time to brake for the light? Most of us do, but that doesn't necessarily make sense. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that accelerating rapidly and braking hard can reduce your car's fuel efficiency by as much as five percent. And that may be a low estimate. Look at it this way -- are you willing to spend money to stop at that light sooner?

8. Lose Weight:

Possible Savings 13.1 gallons/yr for each 100 pounds you remove ($104/yr)

Government estimates say that an extra 100 pounds in your car can reduce fuel efficiency by up to two percent. And that's an average -- the smaller the car, the more extra weight makes the engine work harder.
So, empty the trunk. In winter, don't just scrape the windshield, scrape the entire car -- snow and ice add to the weight of your car.

9. Lose the Roof Rack

Possible Savings 13.1 gallons/year ($53/yr)

Wind resistance is the enemy of fuel efficiency. Do you have a roof rack? Every time you drive, it's making your car fight wind resistance, and burn fuel. Most of the time, that's money you're spending to carry an empty roof rack. Get a two percent boost by taking the thing off.

10. Change Your Oil on Time

Possible Savings 6.6 gallons/year ($27/yr)

After 3,000 miles, changing your oil (using the recommended grade) gives you back one percent of your car's mpg rating.

How Much Can You Save?

If you follow the tips above, that's $1,514 less you could spend on gas in the next year. Though it's a rough estimate, it shows you what small changes in your habits -- most of which you can make for free -- could do for your wallet.

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Tips on Filling your Vehicles...

This is a Message received from a friend:

I don't know what you guys are paying for petrol... but here in Durban, we are also paying higher, up to 47.35 per litre. But my line of work is in petroleum for about 31 years now, so here are some tricks to get more of your money's worth for every litre.

Here at the Marian Hill Pipeline, where I work in Durban, we deliver about 4 million litres in a 24-hour period thru the pipeline.

One day is diesel; the next day is jet fuel, and petrol, LRP and Unleaded. We have 34-storage tanks here with a total capacity of 16,800,000 litres.

ONLY BUY OR FILL UP YOUR CAR OR BIKKIE IN THE EARLY MORNING WHEN THE GROUND TEMPERATURE IS STILL COLD. Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks buried below ground. The colder the ground, the denser the fuel, when it gets warmer petrol expands, so buying in the afternoon or in the evening.... your litre is not exactly a litre.

In the petroleum business, the specific gravity and the temperature of the petrol, diesel and jet fuel, ethanol and other petroleum products play an important role. A 1degree rise in temperature is a big deal for this business. But the service stations do not have temperature compensation at the pumps.

WHEN YOU'RE FILLING UP, DO NOT SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER OF THE NOZZLE TO A FAST MODE. If you look, you will see that the trigger has three (3) stages: low, middle, and high. In slow mode, you should be pumping on low speed, thereby minimizing the vapours that are created, while you are pumping. All hoses at the pump have a vapour return. If you are pumping on the fast rate, some of the liquid that goes to your tank becomes vapour. Those vapours are being sucked up and back into the underground storage tank so you're getting less worth for your money.

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TIPS IS TO FILL UP WHEN YOUR TANK IS HALF FULL. The reason for this is, the more fuel you have in your tank, the less air occupying its empty space. Petrol evaporates faster than you can imagine. Petroleum storage tanks have an internal floating roof. This roof serves as zero clearance between the petrol and the atmosphere, so it minimizes the evaporation.

Unlike service stations, here where I work, every truck that we load is temperature compensated, so that every litre is actually the exact amount.

ANOTHER REMINDER, IF THERE IS A FUEL TRUCK PUMPING INTO THE STORAGE TANKS, WHEN YOU STOP TO BUY, DO NOT FILL UP - most likely the petrol/diesel is being stirred up as the fuel is being delivered, and you might pick up some of the dirt that normally settles on the bottom.

Hope, this will help you get the maximum value for your money.

“FuelStretch” TIPS

The Taylors’ Guinness World Record challenge will provide comprehensive insights for a fuel efficiency programme which Shell is promoting called “FuelStretch.” This programme is designed to help everyday motorists cut the cost of motoring through a mix of enhanced fuel technology and education in fuel-efficient driving techniques. So, when the Taylors leave London, they’ll be conscious that fuel-saving their way across the planet will mean they need to adhere to the following principles:

1. Drive smoothly - Aggressive driving can use as much as a third more fuel than safe driving*. Avoid accelerating or braking too hard and try to keep your steering as smooth as possible.

2. Use higher gears - The higher gear you drive in the lower your engine speed is, which can improve fuel efficiency. So change up a gear whenever you can, without labouring the engine.

3. Tune and service your engine - A well tuned engine can improve fuel economy by up to 4%**, so change your oil and follow your car manufacturer’s recommendation on servicing.

4. Keep your tyres at the right pressure – Correctly inflated tyres are safer and last longer. A tyre that is under inflated by just 1psi can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 3%**. An under or over inflated tyre is also more susceptible to failing.

5. Avoid carrying excess weight – For every extra 100 lbs (45 kg) you carry your fuel efficiency can drop by 1-2%*. So keep your boot or back seat clear of unnecessary items that just add weight to your vehicle.

6. Keep the windows closed - Wind blowing through an open window will slow you down. To compensate, you may put your foot down harder, using more fuel.

7. Take the roof rack off - If you’re not using your roof rack then remove it. They affect the aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle and create drag, reducing fuel economy by as much as 5%*.

8. Use the correct oil - Always use the recommended grade of motor oil. Using the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant can improve fuel efficiency by 1-2%**. Higher quality motor oils can also help your engine operate more efficiently.

9. Fuel Matters – All fuels are not created equal. Fuel economy is maximised in the engine through a combination of good driving habits and using the best fuel…one that helps reduce friction and improve cleanliness in the engine, thereby boosting fuel efficiency. The Taylors have chosen Shell fuel to power their world record attempt as a result of their own personal tests of several commercially-available fuels and their belief in Shell’s product quality and 50-year heritage of innovative fuels research and development.

10. Use cruise control - Using cruise control on major roads helps you maintain a constant speed and, in many cases, will improve fuel consumption.

11. Avoid excess idling - Idling gets you nowhere but still burns fuel. Turn the engine off when you’re in a queue, or waiting for someone, until you need it.

12. Plan trips carefully - Cutting down on the time spent in the car is the easiest way to conserve fuel. To reduce driving time, combine all your short trips and errands into a single journey.

13. Avoid over revving - Change gear in good time when you pull away or when you’re accelerating. Never ‘redline’ the rev counter.

14. Avoid high speeds - The faster you go the more wind resistance you’ll encounter and the more fuel your vehicle will consume just to maintain speed. Driving just 5mph over the speed limit can affect fuel economy by up to 23%***.

15. Keep your distance - Leave a sensible distance between yourself and the car ahead to give you ample time to brake evenly.

16. Use air conditioning sparingly – Air conditioning puts added strain on the engine and uses fuel to operate, so limit use to particularly hot or cold days. On temperate days use the fan instead.

17. Check the air filters - Air filters keep impurities from damaging your engine. Replacing a clogged air filter can improve fuel economy by as much as 10%** and will help protect your engine.

18. Avoid rush hour - If you can travel outside of peak times, you’ll spend less time stuck in traffic and consume less fuel as a result.

19. Conserve momentum - Think ahead when you’re driving. For example, slow down early to let traffic lights change, rather than stopping completely, or speed up a little before you reach the foot of a hill.

20. Avoid small fuel fills – Fuel evaporates every time you open the fuel cap. To stop this, avoid repeatedly topping up your tank. Also check the seal on your fuel cap is airtight.

It might sound like an awful lot to keep in mind: but once these tips are absorbed into drivers’ everyday approach to motoring and maintenance, they become second nature. What also becomes second nature is the knowledge that trips to the forecourt will become less frequent, which – in these days of rising costs – has to be a major benefit for each and every driver on the road.

*Estimates for fuel savings from sensible driving are based on studies and literature reviews performed by Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc., Washington, DC.

**Estimates for fuel savings from vehicle maintenance, keeping tyres properly inflated, and using the recommended grade of motor oil are based on studies and literature reviews performed by Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc., Washington, DC. Assumes fuel price of $3.07 per gallon.

***Estimates for the effect of speed on MPG are based on a study by West, B.H., R.N. McGill, J.W. Hodgson, S.S. Sluder, and D.E. Smith, Development and Verification of Light-Duty Modal Emissions and Fuel Consumption Values for Traffic Models, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, March 1999. Assumes fuel price of $3.07 cpg.

Source : Autoworld

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Stracie Angie Anam (Stacy)

This 18 year old, beautiful lass from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah finally emerged as the winner of Astro Reality Show, Akademi Fantasia 6. She is none other than Stracie Angie Anam or just Stacy. The final concert was held last night, Saturday, May 24, 2008 at Stadium Bukit Jalil.

Stacy performed two numbers by which one of the songs was especially composed for her entitled Aku Stacy. The other song is Atas Nama Cinta (original song by Rossa). Stacy beat other four finalists Riz, Nubhan, Toi and Nadia.

She bags more than RM700,000 worth of prizes which include a bungalow house at A’Famosa Villa D’Lagos, Melaka, holiday packages to South Africa, a Peugeot 307XS car, RM25,000 and a trophy.

The first and second runner-ups are Riz (Mohammed Idris Bin Mohd. Zaizizi) and Nubhan (Ahmad Nubhan Bin Ahmad) respectively. The fourth place went to Toi (Khairul Nizam Bin Baharom) and Nadia (Nadia Haswani Binti Hasnan) at the 5th place.

Congratulations to Stacy. Being Sabahan myself, I am proud to see such a talented singer like you. Your achievement made Sabah very proud. Your performance has been consistent throughout the 10 concerts and you truly deserved what you have got. Good luck and Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pedra Branca belongs to Singapore - The Straits Times (Singapore)

World court ends 28-year dispute, declaring main island is Singapore's; Malaysia gets Middle Rocks
By Lydia Lim, Senior Political Correspondent

HISTORIC ISLAND: Pedra Branca, the size of a football field, is 40km east of Singapore. Horsburgh Lighthouse, built over 150 years ago, is the oldest here. In the background, at left and right, are a pair of outcrops called Middle Rocks. -- PHOTO: GOVERNMENT OF SINGAPORE

AT THE HAGUE - A LONGSTANDING tussle for sovereignty over Pedra Branca and its outcrops came to an end yesterday when the International Court of Justice (ICJ) awarded the main island to Singapore, and two smaller outcrops nearby to Malaysia.
The court did not make a definitive ruling on the third rock of contention, South Ledge, which is visible only at low tide. It belongs to whoever owns the territorial waters it sits in, said the court.

The judgment was telecast live in both countries, and when Judge Awn Shawkat Al-Khasawneh concluded his two-hour statement at 6pm, Singaporeans and Malaysians alike applauded the decision.

Deputy Prime Minister S. Jayakumar told reporters at The Hague: 'We are pleased with the judgment because the court has awarded sovereignty over Pedra Branca, which is the main feature in dispute, to Singapore.'

Malaysia's Foreign Minister Rais Yatim described it as a 'win-win' judgment and said that both countries would 'forge ahead' in their bilateral relationship.

In Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong declared that he was pleased with the result, saying that resorting to the ICJ was 'a good way for (the two countries) to resolve disagreements or problems while maintaining good relations with each other'.

In Malaysia, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak called it a 'balanced decision', with Malaysia 'partly successful' in its territorial claims.

The two hours at the ICJ were suspense-filled and had the Singapore delegation, led by Professor Jayakumar, on the edge of their seats for much of the time.

For the first hour, it actually seemed as if the court would find in Malaysia's favour.

Reasoning from various historical writings, treaties and letters relevant to the case, the court decided that these showed that the Sultanate of Johor possessed original title to the island, dating back to the 16th century.

This meant that the court rejected Singapore's argument that Pedra Branca was terra nullius, that is, belonged to no one, in 1847 when the British took ownership of it and built Horsburgh Lighthouse there.

But things started looking up in the second hour, when the focus shifted to the various activities that Singapore had carried out on the island in the latter half of the 20th century.

These included its investigation into marine accidents in the waters around Pedra Branca, control of visits to the island, plans to reclaim it and installation of military communications equipment there.

The court found that all these activities were carried out a titre de souverain, that is, in a manner that conferred title on the state responsible.

It also noted Malaysia's failure to protest against these acts, all of which - except for the installation of military equipment - it had noticed.

The court also highlighted as of 'major significance' a 1953 letter from the Johor Acting State Secretary informing the colonial authorities in Singapore that Johor did not claim ownership over Pedra Branca.

The reply made clear that in 1953, Johor understood that it did not have sovereignty over Pedra Branca.

That reply would also have left the authorities in Singapore with no reason to doubt that Britain had sovereignty over the island, the court concluded.

The court thus judged that although Johor had possessed an original title to Pedra Branca, that title subsequently passed to Singapore.

The dispute between Singapore and Malaysia over sovereignty of the island arose in February 1980, when Singapore protested against a 1979 Malaysian map that placed Pedra Branca within its territorial waters.

The court ruled that by that critical date, sovereignty over the island had already passed to Singapore.

'The court concludes that sovereignty over Pedra Branca belongs to Singapore.' As Judge Al-Khasawneh pronounced these words, smiles broke out on the Singapore side of the Peace Palace's Great Hall.

The 16 judges of the ICJ voted 12 to four in Singapore's favour.
On the issue of Middle Rocks, the court said that Malaysia's claim of original title still held, as there had been no activities on Singapore's side which made it pass to Singapore.

While the ICJ ruling has settled sovereignty issues, other issues remain.

For one thing, Singapore and Malaysia have to discuss how to delimit the territorial waters in the Pedra Branca and Middle Rocks area.

There will have to be 'sensitive management' of navigational rights, said Mr S. Kesavapany, a former Singapore high commissioner to Malaysia.

'For instance, both our navies will go through the waters, so you need clear understanding of the circumstances under which this can be done,' he said.

A joint technical committee is already in place to discuss these and related issues.

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Singapore gets Pulau Batu Puteh


Singapore gets Pulau Batu Puteh while Malaysia given Middle Rocks
- Bernama

PULAU BATU PUTEH: The ICJ has ruled that the disputed island (above)belongs to Singapore while Malaysia has sovereignty over Middle Rocks.


The International Court of Justice here today ruled Singapore has sovereignty over Pulau Batu Puteh while Malaysia owns Middle Rocks, and South Ledge belongs to the state in whose territorial waters it is located.

The judgment brought to a close a 28-year-old territorial dispute between Malaysia and Singapore over the island which Singapore called Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks and South Ledge.

Pulau Batu Puteh is located 7.7 nautical miles off the coast of Johor's Tanjung Penyusuh. Both countries have pledged to abide by the decision of the ICJ, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, whose decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Malaysia and Singapore have also repeatedly emphasised that whatever decision handed down by the ICJ, would not strain ties between the two neighbours.

ICJ Vice-President Shawkat Al-Khasawneh delivering his judgement

The judgment was delivered by ICJ Vice-President Shawkat Al-Khasawneh, who was the Acting President in the case, at 10am Netherlands time and ended reading out the verdict five minutes before noon.

Shawkat and 15 other judges had heard oral submissions by both countries from Nov 6-23 last year.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim regarded the judgment as a "win-win" situation and stated that the status quo remained although Singapore had sovereignty over Pulau Batu Puteh and Malaysia over Middle Rocks.

The delivery of the judgment was televised live by RTM from The Hague, Netherlands, from 10am (4pm in Malaysia).

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Interesting article by Zainon Ahmad, The Sun, Tuesday, July 24, 2007 reproduced in a blog entitled 31august1957 for your reading pleasure - Blog Administrator

Winning over Sabah and Sarawak

INITIALLY the leaders of Sabah (then British North Borneo) and Sarawak were opposed to Malaysia or at best gave it a lukewarm welcome after it was proposed by Tunku Abdul Rahman on May 27, 1961 at the Foreign Correspondents Association in Singapore.

“Let us become independent first and then we will decide whether to join Malaysia or not,” said Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui, the Kuching mayor and leader of the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), formed in 1959.

Other prominent Sarawak leaders like Datu Abang Haji Openg – later the first local governor – and Abang Mustapha Abang Haji Abdul Gapor who are also members of the Council Negeri, considered the oldest legislature in the country, were unanimous in their opposition to the Tunku’s plan.

In Sabah, Tun Fuad Stephens (then Donald Stephens), a newspaper publisher, a member of the State Council and Huguan Siou (paramount leader) of the Kadazan/Dusun people, shared the same view as Ong. “We must not be seen as changing colonial masters,” was the response of the United National Kadazan Organisation (Unko), a party Fuad formed with Keningau

community leader GS Sundang. They contacted leaders from the other territories to see whether they should revive the idea of a federation of Borneo states of Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei instead.

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Pengumuman Keluar Dari UMNO

Berikut adalah kenyataan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang di petik dari blog beliau untuk tatapan semua. - Blog Administrator

Pengumuman Keluar Dari UMNO

Hari ini, Mei 19, 2008 saya mengumumkan keputusan saya untuk keluar daripada UMNO. Isteri saya turut bersama.

Keputusan ini dibuat kerana UMNO yang ada sekarang bukan lagi UMNO yang ditubuh 62 tahun dahulu yang berjuang untuk bangsa Melayu, Agama Islam dan Negara Malaysia (Malaya); UMNO yang menggagalkan Malayan Union, memperjuangkan kemerdekaan Malaya dan Malaysia dan membangunkan Malaysia sehingga menjadi Negara yang termaju di antara Negara membangun di dunia.

UMNO yang ada sekarang hanya wujud untuk menyokong Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, keluarganya dan tindakan serta dasar yang tidak secocok dengan kepentingan bangsa, agama dan negara.


Dr M Quits UMNO - New Straits Times

Dr M quits Umno after accepting ‘dare’ to be first to resign By : Noor Adzman Baharuddin & Adib Povera

OUT OF UMNO, AGAIN: At Alor Star while giving a talk in a forum today, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that he was quitting the party with immediate effect, sending wide reverberations throughout the party and country, with many Umno leaders and members shocked by his action. This is the second time he is out of the Umno, the first was in 1969 when he was sacked for dissenting against Tunku Abdul Rahman. Will there be a third act for Dr Mahathir?


After goading Umno members today to temporarily resign from Umno as a sign of protest against the party president, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad took up a “dare” to take the lead by resigning from the party he had been a founding member of since 1946. However, he implored Umno members taking up his challenge not to join any other party and remain independent, at least until the Umno leadership was determined (after the December party elections). He indicated that he will only rejoin the party when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi steps down as Umno president.

Dr Mahathir, an Umno life member, was answering questions from the floor after giving a talk at a forum entitled 'Future of the Malays after the 12th General Election' at the Star City Hotel in Alor Star, organised by the Kedah Malay Assembly Hall, when a member of the audience asked him if he would take the lead in quitting Umno.

Identifying himself as Ismail Jaziz, he asked Dr Mahathir if he would take the lead since he had mooted the idea. To this, Dr Mahathir, in a serious tone said: “Waa, saya di cabar ni…(looks like I have been dared). Yes, I will leave Umno...until the party leadership is determined. Other Umno members should follow me.”

Loud cheers erupted from the 1,500 attendees, which included assembly chairman Tan Sri Khalid Ahmad, Jerlun Umno division chairman Datuk Abdul Rahman Ariffin, State Assemblyman for Kuala Nerang Datuk Syed Sobri Syed Hashim, State Assemblywoman for Sungai Tiang Suraya Yaacob and former Kedah Menteri Besar Tan Sri Sanusi Junid.

"Malays, Umno members and many other people have sent Abdullah messages to express dissatisfaction with his leadership, especially after the March 8 general election but he remains unaffected. We have to be radical and brave and this is the only way to bring him down," he said.

It is not immediately clear if his son, Datuk Mukhriz, also the MP for Jerlun and an Umno Youth Exco member, would follow suit. Another of Dr Mahathir’s son, Datuk Mokhzani, was reported as saying that his father's decision was a “sign of no confidence” in Abdullah’s leadership.

Abdullah, in an immediate reaction, expressed shock at Dr Mahathir's resignation, saying" I didn't expect him to leave but I will continue to fight for the party."

One notable Umno leader who has apparently took on Dr Mahathir's call to resign is Sanusi, who said he will release an official statement later.

However, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, once Dr Mahathir's greatest foe but now seen as a key ally, dismissed expectations that he too would quit Umno, saying that he will continue with his bid to challenge Abdullah for the party presidency in the December party elections.

Datuk Shahrir Samad, an Umno supreme council member and Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, was quoted by AFP as saying that Dr Mahathir's resignation may precipitate a general election.

"The shock resignation may compel many Umkno members, especially MPs, to quit Umno, thus forcing the Prime Minister to form a new Government or call for a snap election," Shahrir was quoted as saying.

The former Prime Minister's announcement also caught his aides by surprise.

Dr Mahathir explained that this was not the first time he was out of Umno. “Between 1969 and 1970, I was expelled from Umno but later, when many Malays and Umno members still supported me, I re-entered Umno. There was no problem. Just don’t join other parties.”

At a Press conference later, Dr Mahathir said he will submit his resignation from Umno as soon as possible.

He explained that that he decided to leave Umno because he felt the party could no longer serve as a genuine political party to protect Malay rights and interests, Umno's founding objectives.

Dr Mahathir claimed Umno had now been made a party to only recognise Abdullah as Umno president and accord importance to the prime minister's family interests, with the nation's welfare taking a backseat.

"I can list out the things that Abdullah had done to the detriment of our nation's interests," he said. "The Umno of today no longer holds to the party's founding goals when it was formed 62 years ago. That is why I have no hesitation whatsoever to leave the party," he said.

Dr Mahathir said it was high time for Umno members who love the party to be bold for the future of Malays and that such a move would not cause the Malays to lose their political power.

"The Malays would not lose their political power. They want to correct things not because they simply want to leave. If they are brave to safeguard the party and the Malay struggles, then they must also be brave to take actions. However, we find that many Umno members can't even attend certain gatherings...division chairmen also cannot attend...what is this?"

Dr Mahathir said when Tengku Razaleigh opposed him in 1988, former prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman had thrown his support for his opponent but he had never stopped any member to campaign against him (Dr Mahathir).

"Now, we cannot say anything against the prime minister or the party president. This is not Umno," he said.

Asked if Umno state assemblymen and MPs should also quit the party, he said they should if they truly love the party.

Asked if his call and decision could be construed as him giving up on Umno, Dr Mahathir said he would not ask others to follow him if he himself was afraid to do so.

Asked if his call would give added pressure for Abdullah to resign from his posts soon, Mahathir said: "I don't know about pressure. This man could not understand anything."

Dr Mahathir insisted that his resignation had nothing to do with the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam video clip.

"That is a court matter and I go to the courts. If they make allegations against me, I could also do the same and if I am found guilty, they can put me in jail but if I am not guilty, please don't arrest me anyway," he said. “I am just protesting against the Abdullah’s leadership of Umno and country."

In their report leaked to the Press, the Commission of Inquiry named Dr Mahathir, lawyer Datuk V. K. Lingam, former chief justices Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim and Tun Eusoff Chin, tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan and former tourism minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor, for conspiring to fix the appointments and promotions of judges.

The government's then instructed the Attorney-General to begin investigations into the six figures named but Dr Mahathir responded by claiming that he would "not settle for less" than his day in court so that he could defend himself against allegations that he was at the centre of a judicial appointments scandal in 2001.

Dr Mahathir had hoped that when investigations into the conspiracy were completed, he would be charged so that he can reveal what really went on behind the scenes at the time, including instances of judges lobbying him for promotions.

Mahathir’s resignation was a culmination of two years of vitriolic criticisms against Abdullah. Dr Mahathir began finding fault with Abdullah after the latter cancelled several mega projects initiated by the ex-PM, notably the new bridge that would link Singapore with Johor Baru.

In an immediate reaction, former Umno secretary-general Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat said Dr Mahathir is was the only leader who left Umno, pointing to Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn who never returned to Umno.
“Yet, they were founding fathers of the party. They never return to the party after retiring so there is nothing unusual about his resignation. It has happened in the past and it happens now. It is unfortunate that after making so much noise, he is leaving the party.

“His leaving would not have a serious effect to the party and I do not think that his action will be heeded by other members as they still love the party. After the last general election, Umno members have reflected deeply on what they should do to revive and revitalise Umno. They would not desert the party.”

MCA vice president Datuk Ong Tee Keat said the resignation came as a shock to him because he never expected Dr Mahathir to do it. “Not at this juncture. At the moment, I am not sure what sort of effect or ripples it will cause BN and MCA. But I am convinced Umno, as an established party within the BN coalition, would have sufficient experience and maturity in resolving such problem. What is more important now is for BN to stay firmly together”.

Gerakan secretary general Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye expressed shock at Dr Mahathir’s resignation. “This is shocking, it’s hard to believe. I hope this will not bring further instability to Barisan Nasional. I also hope things will settle down and the matter resolved in a calm manner.”

MIC secretary-general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said it was unfortunate for Dr Mahathir to resign from the party which he had been a president for a long time. “His instigating others to follow suit in light of the current problems faced by the party, will further weaken it. We hope other members will be clear-headed in this matter.”

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee said Dr Mahathir’s resignation sent shock waves because of his immense influence among Umno grassroots.” I think the nation is in for some exciting politics,” he said.

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president Datuk Liew Vui Keong said Dr Mahathir’s decision should be respected and accepted by all concerned. “I can only wish him the best. His resignation may cause a ripple, but how far it will have an effect is best left to the party.”

Sabah Umno liaison committee secretary Datuk Yahya Hussin described the resignation as “very unfortunate” because he was “our president.”

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Comments by A Kadir Jasin,

1. Adalah hak mutlak Dr Mahathir menarik diri daripada menjadi ahli Umno;

2. Seperti saya menghormati keputusan beliau meletakkan jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri pada tahun 2003, saya menghormati keputusan beliau keluar daripada Umno;

3. Dr Mahathir tidak mahu lagi tercemar dengan Umno yang pada pandangannya sudah tidak demokratik dan tidak ada keberanian lagi;

4. Pasti akan ada ahli yang mengikut jejak beliau dengan keluar parti atau sekurang-kurangnya dengan tidak lagi bergiat cergas;

Click here to read the full comments by A Kadir Jasin.

Comments by Nuraina A Samad,

"And I agree with many many people -- Dr Mahathir outside Umno will be a BIGGER pain (for Pak Lah et al) than inside."

Click here to read the full comments by Nuraina A Samad.

Comments by rocky's bru,

Vesak Day bombshell. "Dr Mahathir Mohamad has quit the party he led for 22 years. The announcement, made about noon, caught even his closest aides by surprise."

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SMS memberi peringatan yang saya terima

Dua tiga hari sudah, heboh satu Malaysia tentang "panggilan santau" atau "tarik nyawa" yang kononnya sesiapa yang menerima panggilan tersebut akan menerima ajal. Amaran berkaitan "panggilan santau" tersebut telah tersebar luas di Malaysia dan saya juga tidak terkecuali dari menerima peringatan berkenaan.


Semalam, Jumaat May 16, 2008, Harian Metro telah merungkai perkara berkenaan seperti yang dilaporkan di akhbar berkenaan. Berikut diperturunkan laporan berkenaan untuk tatapan pembaca yang mungkin masih belum mendapat maklumat terkini berkaitan "Panggilan Santau" tersebut.- Blog Administrator

Panggilan santau karut

Oleh Mohd Jamilul Anbia Md Denin, Amir Abdul Hamid, Salman Hamat, Norfaisal Jahuri dan Sulaiman Salleh

KUALA LUMPUR: Menggemparkan! Ramai pengguna telefon bimbit mula panik berikutan penyebaran SMS yang meminta orang ramai berhati-hati dengan panggilan santau atau ‘tarik nyawa’ yang kononnya boleh membunuh mereka sejurus menjawab panggilan itu.

Lebih menakutkan apabila kandungan SMS itu mendakwa panggilan maut itu sudah meragut sembilan nyawa di Indonesia sejak bulan lalu dan kini mula menular kepada jutaan pengguna telefon di negara ini bagi menagih korban terbaru.

Kemunculan SMS peringatan berhubung panggilan maut yang kini amat digeruni penduduk Indonesia dikesan mula diterima pemilik telefon bimbit di negara ini sejak minggu lalu dengan amaran supaya tidak menjawab panggilan telefon daripada nombor melebihi lapan angka itu.

Malah, panggilan terbabit yang turut digelar di Indonesia sebagai panggilan santet, deringan syaitan atau telefon maut, didakwa angkara pengamal ilmu hitam yang kononnya mahu menguji tahap keberkesanan ilmu hitam dipelajari.

Berdasarkan laporan media utama Indonesia, penerima panggilan itu bakal menjadi mangsa ‘kes pembunuhan jarak jauh’ didalangi dukun ilmu hitam yang menghantar syaitan atau jin melalui panggilan telefon untuk membunuh mangsa.

Bagaimanapun, dakwaan terbabit dianggap tidak berasas kerana tiada yang dilaporkan mati setakat ini berkaitan penerimaan panggilan maut yang kini merebak ke Malaysia, dipercayai dibawa rakyat negara berkenaan.

Siasatan dilakukan pihak berkuasa Indonesia mendapati nombor pengirim SMS itu berasal dari Sumatera Selatan dan Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia.

Susulan maklumat dikumpulkan, seorang remaja perempuan yang disyaki mencipta dan menghantar SMS terbabit sudah ditahan minggu lalu oleh polis Indonesia di Riau.

Selepas disoal siasat, remaja terbabit mengaku menyebarkan SMS itu hanya untuk gurauan kepada rakannya.

Perkara itu didedahkan Ketua Bahagian Umum Direktorat Jenderal Pos dan Telekomunikasi Indonesia, S Dewabrata kepada media, Selasa lalu, yang mendakwa SMS terbabit dipercayai ada kaitan dengan usaha pihak tertentu bagi mengaut keuntungan selain meningkatkan jumlah pelanggan talian prabayar.

Bagaimanapun, kegemparan mengenai kes itu berterusan apabila laman web berita Kompas.Com semalam melaporkan, seorang pegawai bank ABN di Jalan Petamburan, Jakarta, menjadi individu terbaru menerima panggilan berkenaan selepas M Fani Bratawijaya, 25, sebelah tengah hari.

Pejabat Harian Metro di sini, Melaka dan Seremban turut dihujani panggilan telefon bertanyakan mengenai SMS terbabit.

Mesej sepanjang 73 perkataan itu menyatakan kumpulan terbabit akan menghubungi sesiapa menerusi talian antarabangsa secara rambang dan sebaik saja mangsa menjawab panggilan itu mereka kononnya akan mati terkena sihir.

Pengguna telefon bimbit talian prabayar, Ismail Che Nordin, 42, turut melahirkan kegelisahan selepas menerima SMS terbabit sebaik tiba di pejabatnya di Taman Segar, Cheras, pagi semalam.

Menurutnya, kemunculan SMS itu boleh mencetuskan ketakutan kepada orang ramai yang menyangka panggilan santau benar-benar wujud dan boleh mendatangkan malapetaka kepada pemilik telefon bimbit.

“Lebih menakutkan apabila SMS terbabit mendakwa dua mangsa di Puchong sudah mati dan meminta disebarkan kepada umum,” katanya yang bekerja sebagai jurujual di sebuah syarikat di Selayang di sini.

Di SEREMBAN, seorang pekerja swasta yang hanya mahu dikenali Sufiah berkata, dia mengetahui mengenai penyebaran SMS itu daripada beberapa rakan sekerjanya sejak beberapa hari lalu.

Katanya, dia menerima SMS itu petang semalam yang mengingatkannya supaya mengambil langkah pencegahan awal apabila menerima panggilan daripada kumpulan yang dikatakan sedang menguji ilmu hitam.

“Kami mengharapkan pihak yang berkenaan menyiasat penyebaran SMS terbabit kerana boleh menjejaskan akidah kalau ada orang yang percaya,” katanya kepada Harian Metro, semalam.

Dia juga berharap supaya mereka yang menerima SMS itu tidak menghantarnya kepada orang lain kerana sukar diterima akal.

“Bagaimana orang yang menulis SMS itu boleh mengetahui berapa ramai yang sudah meninggal dunia sedangkan kes seperti itu tidak pernah dilaporkan media, malah ajal manusia ditentukan Tuhan bukan kerana menjawab panggilan telefon,” katanya.

Sumber berita, sila klik disini.

Laporan Harian Metro hari ini, Sabtu, May 17, 2008

‘Tiada santau melalui SMS’
Oleh Muhd Izawan Baharin

SEREMBAN: Santau tidak mungkin boleh disebarkan melalui talian telefon kerana ada syarat tertentu yang perlu dipatuhi pengamal ilmu sesat itu bagi memastikan ia berkesan.

Malah, mereka yang terkena ilmu hitam itu tidak akan terus meninggal dunia kerana pengamal santau biasanya mahu mangsa menderita terlebih dulu.

Pengamal perubatan Islam di Pusat Rawatan Terapi Al-Quran Darul Hikmah di Alor Star, Kedah, Abdul Malik Lazim, berkata memang jin dikaitkan dengan gelombang tetapi ia tidak boleh sewenang-wenangnya diarahkan untuk ‘mengena’ mangsa kerana ada syarat tertentu perlu dipatuhi.

“Pengamal ilmu sihir biasanya akan meminta pertolongan jin dengan menyatakan nama orang yang akan disantau. Mangsa yang terkena tidak tahu dia menderita, malah saya sendiri pernah merawat pesakit yang terkena santau selama 30 tahun,” katanya yang dihubungi semalam.
Beliau berkata, penyebaran khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) kononnya ada pengamal ilmu hitam mahu menguji ilmunya melalui talian telefon mengarut dan tidak masuk akal.

“Penyebaran SMS itu bukan saja menyusahkan orang ramai malah boleh menyebabkan perkara khurafat. Saya meminta sesiapa yang menerimanya supaya tidak menghantarnya kepada orang lain,” katanya.

Beliau mengulas mengenai laporan Harian Metro semalam mengenai keresahan orang ramai apabila menerima SMS berantai yang memberi amaran supaya tidak mengangkat telefon jika dihubungi satu nombor pelik, kononnya boleh meragut nyawa mereka yang menjawab panggilan itu.

SMS yang tersebar luas sejak seminggu lalu menasihatkan orang ramai tidak menjawab panggilan misteri yang dikatakan mengandungi unsur sihir kononnya sedang diuji sekumpulan penuntut ilmu hitam.

Sumber berita, sila klik disini.

Helah sesatkan akidah umat Islam

KUALA LUMPUR: Orang ramai dinasihatkan supaya tidak terpengaruh dengan penyebaran panggilan maut akan menerima kesan buruk kerana semua itu adalah satu kesempatan yang mungkin diambil syaitan bagi memesongkan akidah umat Islam.

Presiden Pertubuhan Perunding Latihan dan Motivasi Muslim Malaysia (Tamrin), Dr Tengku Asmadi Tengku Mohamad, berkata kewujudan jin dan syaitan jelas ditunjukkan dalam al-Quran dan mereka hanya menunggu peluang untuk menyesatkan manusia.

“Apabila isu seperti ini mula heboh diperkatakan, timbul keraguan di kalangan masyarakat,” katanya.

Sumber berita sila klik disini.

Laporan dan berita berkaitan perkara yang sama oleh media Indonesia. Klik disini.

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Kudos to Selangor and Melaka Police!

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Losing something that you treasure most is an agonising experience. This happened to my son, Fadhli last week when the hard-earned personal property he treasured most disappeared within a matter of hours.

Fadhli (left) with friends in Putrajaya

After work he visited his friend at USJ 10, USJ, Subang Jaya and parked his car outside a friend’s apartment. At approximately 21:00 HRS he left his friend’s apartment heading for home. Upon reaching a place where he parked his car, he was shocked to see his car was nowhere within the vicinity of the parking area. Being a sportsman, he managed to compose himself and controlled the situation quite well. Firstly he informed his friend he just visited about the incident and called his brother to pick him up to lodge a police report at the nearby Balai Polis USJ 8.

My son worked hard to save money for the down payment of his first car. He bought the car about three months ago after having enough money for the down payment. Prior to having the car he was using his motorbike for work, where as usual the mother gets worry everyday about the safety of her son riding a motorbike enduring the rain & shine and busy roads from Bangsar to Subang Jaya. Finally the mother’s worries ended when he bought his first car none other than the most affordable brand new car in town, the Proton Saga Aeroback. The fun and enjoyment of driving his new car ended abruptly last week when his car went missing suspected of theft.

Inside the missing car was another most treasured possession of his, i.e. his sport bicycle which cost him about RM6, 000.00. Being a cyclist, losing a car is hard enough pain to endure but losing a sport bicycle was indeed an agonising experience. He was supposed to participate in a tournament at A’Famosa, Melaka last weekend but he had to forego the idea. Anywhere he went to Melaka with his friend just as a spectator.

He lodged a Police report at the nearby Balai USJ 8 and the Investigating Officer (I.O) assigned to his case was Sgt Azlan Sabtu. Being an experienced IO, Sgt Azlan knows his stuff well and the first thing he did was to confirm with MPSJ (Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya) Towing Division whether the car was towed away by the authority due to the indiscriminate parking. The answer was negative. Subsequent to that Sgt Azlan paged the MPV (Mobile Patrol Vehicle) within his area of command to look out for the vehicle. At the same time he input the vehicle details into the PDRM IT System that can be accessed both by PDRM and JPJ online. The idea is to facilitate online checking of missing or stolen vehicles in the event of the recoveries of the suspected stolen vehicles by the Police.

As usual a standard security protection system made available by Proton to the vehicle was the alarm system. On top of that my son asked the vendor to sand-blast the chassis and car registration numbers on the wind-screen of the vehicle.

Way down in Bandaraya Bersejarah Melaka, Cpl Mohamad Hakem and his team was conducting routine patrolling duties in a mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) around Melaka Sentral when they noticed a new Proton Saga Aeroback with an old Melaka registration number parked at the Melaka Sentral parking area. For an experienced policeman like Cpl Mohamad Hakem, such situation warranted him to probe further. He checked on the vehicle and his hunch was right.

The vehicle road tax disc (pic) was severely damaged (peeled off) and upon checking for other clues, Cpl Mohamad Hakem noticed the sand-blasted car registration number was different from the one attached to the front and rear of the vehicle (pic). Following the standard operating procedure (SOP), Cpl Mohamad Hakem and his team covertly observed the vehicle for one hour for any suspicious person(s) approaching the vehicle. The result was negative.

Cpl Mohamad Hakem and his team further checked the condition of the vehicle and they found out that the vehicle was unlocked and there was a key attached to the car ignition system. Cpl Mohamad Hakem used the key to start the engine and it worked. He took the car to Balai Polis, Melaka Tengah to be processed further.

Upon reaching his office, Cpl Mohamad Hakem checked with the PDRM IT System and he found out that vehicle was reported stolen in Selangor. He contacted Sgt Azlan, the IO assigned to the case and subsequent to that Sgt Azlan informed my son about the recovery of his car and asked my son to go to Melaka to verify and confirmed that the recovered vehicle was his. The very next day, last Friday, I accompanied my son to Melaka to meet Cpl Mohamad Hakem for confirmation and verification purposes.

With all the documentations available, the verification was simple and since the car did not suffer major damage, Cpl Mohamad Hakem allowed my son to take back the vehicle to be surrendered to the IO, Sgt Azlan of Balai Polis USJ 8.

It took only four days after the vehicle was reported stolen in Selangor, the Melaka Police recovered the vehicle in good condition. The fast recovery and identification of the vehicle was attributed to two important factors i.e. the efficiency of the patrolling policemen and PDRM IT System. No matter how good the IT System is if the human intervention is not there, the system would not be able to serve its purpose.

Kudos to Melaka and Selangor Police! The high level of efficiency and professionalism of the Police personnel particularly Sgt Azlan of Balai Polis USJ 8 and Cpl Mohamad Hakem of Balai Polis Melaka Tengah were indeed commendable. Knowing that my son was not familiar with Melaka town, Cpl Mohamad Hakem took the initiative to lead my son on his motorbike to the nearest petrol station. What more do you expect from a kind and helpful Police personnel like Cpl Mohamad Hakem! He really made my son’s day. The courtesy of Cpl Mohamad Hakem was enough to make the pain and agony my son has to endure for the past few days disappeared.

What do we learned from the above incident? A lot actually.
1. If you are in the same predicament, trust the Police. Trust me, the Police knows what they are doing;
2. Engage additional security protection to your vehicle such as steering lock, gear lock, etc;
3. If you have to park your car at night, choose a well-lit area and near to the public area;
4. Service your vehicle in a trusted workshop; if you owned a Proton car do not send your vehicle to a workshop not approved by Proton. Even if the workshop is Proton approved, make sure your vehicle key is securely kept by the workshop personnel. It is recommended that you wait at the workshop until the completion of the servicing
5. Sand-blast the car registration number and chassis number on the windscreen, no matter what’s the age of your car. The sand-blasting of the registration number on the windscreen would facilitate fast identification by the Police and other law enforcement agencies;
6. Make sure to retrieve any documents, letters, envelopes, etc that bear your name and address from your vehicle before servicing or washing your car. Once someone gets hold of your address, the next step will be easier. Just be careful.

What happened to my son’s car was quite straight forward. The car key was cloned or duplicated. By whom? Only one suspect i.e. the workshop personnel. They are the only people who have access to the car key. My son never sends his car for washing. He did his own washing at home. So be careful to which workshop / car wash you send your car for servicing or washing.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Sneak peek of Tun Dr Mahathir's blog.

Click here to enter.

Depicted below is a media report about Tun Dr Mahathir's blog. - Blog Aministrator

New Straits Times

PUTRAJAYA: Che Det, the critical Malay writer of the 1940s whose essays explored the problems of the Malay world, is back - in the blogosphere.

It was the pen name used by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he wrote essays for the then Straits Times newspaper.

Yesterday, he joined a growing number of local politicians who, since the March 8 general elections, have started blogs to express their views.

His site at is simply titled "Dr Mahathir Mohamad".

"This site is dedicated to publishing my writings as and when I am able to pen my thoughts and opinion," he says.

Dr Mahathir's first entry was on the judicial appointments commission proposed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

In point form and succinct language, he noted the lack of details as to how the commission would operate.

He questioned the extent of the powers to be given to the commission, whether it could appoint or merely recommend judicial candidates for the prime minister's or for the King's approval.

He also questioned if the Conference of Rulers would have a greater say in rejecting and requesting new candidates.

Dr Mahathir's maiden post was on Labour Day at 1.27am and it drew over 100 comments by mid-afternoon.

Many welcomed and congratulated him on becoming a blogger, while a few stated their disagreement with his statement that the government would display weakness should it work with the Opposition.

Please click here to read from the source.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Stories by Rozana Sani

Ruby feels the moves taken to censor the Internet are doomed for failure.

Muhamad Akmal says objectionable info can be countered with feedback.

Chan cites learning to recognise what is right or wrong is important.

Abdul Samat thinks that self-censorship is the most practical method.

Internet censorship seems to be gaining momentum as there is growing concern that certain information on the Web could lead to various sensitivities related to religious, moral, social, financial and political issues. Is this a step in the right direction, or another pointless exercise?

Blocking bad vibes

THE online environment where there is a free flow of information contains both good and bad, depending on one’s point of view. Some believe the “bad” content need to be controlled or suppressed from being accessed by the general public to stem negative actions or reactions – hence, the measure to censor the Internet as in the case of Indonesia and France.

Others think censorship of information is futile due to the underlying distributed technology of the Internet. For example, residents of a country that bans certain Web sites can easily find the content on servers outside the country. Hence, the need for other types of measures.

Trained architect, businesswoman and self-confessed serial blogger Ruby Ahmad strongly feels the moves taken to censor the Internet are all doomed for failure.

“We live in a highly wired, interconnected world and I can only think of one way to prevent users from not using the Internet ‘correctly’, and that is by preventing them from buying or using computers,” she said, tongue-in-cheek.

“Unsavoury content is deemed disgusting and unacceptable to some, but is very acceptable to others. It’s like the durian. I heard a food critic described it as perhaps the most revolting thing on earth. But personally, I quite like the D22!

“Law enforcement as an effective way to filter content is only possible if there is a unified global law in place. This is not possible as all countries have their separate agendas, goals, aspirations and other differing reasons,” she continued.

Student Muhamad Akmal Mohammad said rather than rely on content censorship which has technology limitations and inadequacies, a piece of objectionable information can be countered with feedback. This should be done in an intelligent manner, like answering the issues which were expressed by videos in YouTube, by producing videos, or maybe research papers.

“When it comes to sensitive issues, it is normal to see people get angry. It is, in fact, necessary to get angry to show that we are concerned about the issue, but being angry alone won’t help much in dealing with such issues and situations. Speculations arouse because people want to talk about something, but they actually don’t know much about it. Or even if they do know, they only know about it on the surface.

“If we are to provide them with what’s what, how’s how and why’s why regarding the issues they are speculating, we are actually doing two things here: putting a full-stop on the speculation, and spreading the truth. Isn’t that good?” said Muhamad.

For Janet Chan, chief executive officer of interactive marketing specialist Tyraco Sdn Bhd, learning to recognise what is right and what is wrong is the only way to avoid the negative impact of the Internet.

“The Internet, in my opinion, should not be barred as a medium unless it is necessary to keep check and balance of the most precious things on earth – which is life itself,” she shared.

Chan said a person would only know if something is right or wrong when he or she is exposed to, told or learn through experiences. And there is experience in abundance on the Net.

“Sometimes right or wrong can be very subjective in many different cultures on different things. Things could be white for me and white means good and black is considered bad or evil for many. But in some cultures, black means good and brave and white is the other way round, etc. The Internet can provide that kind of exposure for us to learn from different opinions and point of views,” she said.

Meanwhile, blogger Abdul Samat Kasah feels that Net censorship is not a long-term solution pertaining to issues like religion sensitivities, hate speech, pornography, excessive violence, bomb-making instructions, and information about crime, violence and drug use. Self-censorship, he feels, is the most practical method to overcome the woes of restricting or regulating Internet access.

“People would know what is on a particular site if they already knew how to get there. It is their responsibility to make their own decisions as to whether or not this material is appropriate for them. If they feel there is a possibility they might be appalled by this material, they can choose not to view it.

“If people are not sure about this material, or if they are in favour of it, then they take an acceptable risk when they choose to view it. Undoubtedly, this material should not be censored merely because some people cannot make rational decisions for themselves,” he said.

In conclusion, where restricting or regulating Internet access is concerned, Malaysia has to strike a balance where in one hand, we would like to narrow the digital divide and on the other hand, we want to take back what is given, he added.


IN Malaysia, matters involving objectionable online content is governed by the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA ‘98) that covers the main areas for electronic content issues. There is also the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Content Code (Content Code), enforced by the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (CMCF), covering the do’s and don’t’s that is to be adhered to by the communications and multimedia industry.

According to CMCF’s executive director Mohd Mustaffa Fazil Mohd Abdan, the body had received several complaints on issues over Internet content that took various forms in the past.

Where complaints were of a seditious nature, inciting racial disharmony or in any other form that contravenes the provisions of the Act that is further expanded by the Content Code, the CMCF will take the necessary action via its Complaints Bureau.

“Through the bureau, appropriate actions may be taken by either the CMCF itself or the case may be referred to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), or even the complainant may be advised to lodge a police report if need be. We may also liaise with our members who are specialists in the industry to advise and implement any action to be taken,” he said.

“As the public may be unaware of our role, the number of complaints received have not been immense. However, we hope to change this through future awareness programmes,” he added.

Mohd Mustaffa said the CMCF is a strong proponent of having “self-regulation” in place for the industry.

“As we are the designated body for industry self-regulation, we continuously urge the industry and members of the public to exercise it. The key to self-regulation is that it begins at home,” he stressed.

As for the content, whether it may be “savoury” or “unsavoury”, it may be accessed with considerable ease nowadays. The responsibility to ensure that only desirable content is consumed lies with the individual. An individual should be his or her own moral guardian and to those under their respective care (for instance, children, students, etc).

“This is where the Content Code exists to provide a platform of guidance for the public and industry to determine what kind of content is considered desirable and acceptable,” said Mohd Mustaffa.

Individuals can play his or her part in dealing with “unsavoury” content via self-regulation or by lodging a complaint with the CMCF Complaints Bureau in writing, e-mail to or filling out the online complaints form available on

“In the global sphere, should there be any offences that may be committed abroad and having its effect locally, the CMCF will work with the MCMC as the appropriate body to deal with such issues,” he added.


Tech&U Channel of New Straits Times today's edition (Monday, April 28,2008)is featuring an article (cover story) entitled "THE NET: TO CUT OR NOT TO CUT". Several comments by the general public, including my comments are featured inside the article.

The article is written by Tech&U editorial, Rozana Sani. To know more about the contents of the article please get a copy of today's edition of NST newspaper. The full article will be published in this blog tomorrow (Tuesday, April 29, 2008). - Blog Administrator

Thursday, April 24, 2008

E-mail Hijacking / Friend Scams

How it was done?

Furtherance to the email I received from Anthony Lammert, I just would like to elaborate a little bit of what he meant by “Only an artful 'IT savy tech’ person would be able to circumscribe 'through the back door' to obtain such data!” The technique used to obtain data from the back door is called phishing or key logger. For the benefit of readers who are not familiar with the terminology, I have the pleasure to provide a little bit of information on E-mail Hijacking / Friend Scams as what happened to our unfortunate friend a couple of days ago.

Some fraudsters hijack existing e-mail accounts and use them for advance fee fraud purposes. The fraudsters e-mail associates, friends, and/or family members of the legitimate account owner in an attempt to defraud them. This ruse generally requires the use of phishing or keylogger computer viruses to gain login information for the e-mail address.

Phishing is an e-mail fraud method in which the perpetrator sends out legitimate-looking email in an attempt to gather personal and financial information from recipients. Typically, the messages appear to come from well known and trustworthy Web sites. Web sites that are frequently spoofed by phishers include PayPal, eBay, MSN, Yahoo, BestBuy, and America Online. A phishing expedition, like the fishing expedition it's named for, is a speculative venture: the phisher puts the lure hoping to fool at least a few of the prey that encounter the bait

Phishers use a number of different social engineering and e-mail spoofing ploys to try to trick their victims. In one fairly typical case before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a 17-year-old male sent out messages purporting to be from America Online that said there had been a billing problem with recipients' AOL accounts. The perpetrator's e-mail used AOL logos and contained legitimate links. If recipients clicked on the "AOL Billing Center" link, however, they were taken to a spoofed AOL Web page that asked for personal information, including credit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PINs) , social security numbers, banking numbers, and passwords. This information was used for identity theft.

A phishing technique was described in detail as early as 1987, while the first recorded use of the term "phishing" was made in 1996. The term is a variant of fishing, probably influenced by phreaking, and alludes to the use of increasingly sophisticated baits used in the hope of a "catch" of financial information and passwords. The word may also be linked to leetspeak in which ph is a common substitution for f. Several recent phishing attacks have been directed specifically at senior executives and other high profile targets within businesses, and the term "whaling," has been coined for these kinds of attacks

The readers are advised to be suspicious of any official-looking e-mail message that asks for updates on personal or financial information and urges recipients to go directly to the organization's Web site to find out whether the request is legitimate.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Depicted below is an email I received from New Zealand pertaining to the Nigerian Scam. The same email was sent to Frisco and several other recepients. It seems the scam is going global and readers are advice to be vigilant for such emails. Thank you.

QUOTE : from: Anthony Lammert
date : Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 11:53 AM
subject : Re: Scam
mailed-by :

11:53 AM (5 hours ago) Reply

Good day!
Well,well Fris, I got this 'anon plea' through our good kawan true email yesterday and by the very familiar art of writing, and from Nigeria too, I knew for once it's just a BIG SCAM indeed! The likelihood of this Niger trickster in obtaining our good friend's particular could be from his www portal.(as it is a public domain). Only an artful 'IT savy tech person' would be able to circumscribe 'through the back door' to obtain such data! In Nigeria it's soooo easy to open a bank acc. by using assumed names and in this case it's a 'so-called hotel manager' acting as 'proxy' of our good friend! So, be smart and don't get caught! But. who's in the right mind would send such considerable sum to a suspiciuos bank acc.?

Cheers all!
Antonio, St Johns, Auckland - UNQUOTE


F.C. Salleh Salam (pic). Click here to access his blog.

I was on my way to KL yesterday (Tuesday, April 22, 2008) sending my daughter to her office in Jalan Raja Chulan when I received a SMS from F.C. Salleh Salam (Frisco), a close friend of mine in Kota Kinabalu. I was talking to myself, it was rather awkward for Frisco to send me a SMS that early in the morning (07:46HRS) that was after glancing at my PDA screen that the SMS came from him. Too early also for SMS jokes unless he is in a different time zone. After reaching my daughter’s office, I stopped for a while to read the message and the SMS read “Askum. I wrote email to you urgent. Have you read? What say you.”

After reaching home in Subang Jaya, I switched on my pc, opened my email and as usual I have lots of emails from friends and associates flagged as unread. I opened the email from my friend Frisco and it read like this:

QUOTE: Samat. I don't really know if this letter is genuinely written by our friend, (friend’s name). I've been receiving emails from him earlier which appear normal. We were supposed to meet up tomorrow for the first time, and he gave me a number to call. Suddenly I have this email which clocked him at 4:39 am, just about an hour from now. It seemed real as the English sounds like him, but I am not too sure firstly, about the method of payment is the way how to send as well. Secondly, I am certain he would be able to call the embassy for help if his problem is real. Thirdly, I am certain he has other friends and relatives upon which he can also seek immediate assistance. Maybe he was too embarrassed but if you are in trouble what is there to feel shy about. Whatever do CALL me when you receive this, although he did not want anyone to disclose to anyone but I feel a few things are not that right and I would like your opinion. Naturally I would like this email be kept secret from him whatever the situation as I trust you. Indeed if he needs help right now, He could be genuinely in Ghana and his email address and password was stolen as these people are capable of. But for mere $800 request is no big deal. I can do something but unfortunately I have an appointment to visit the Padas gorge by which we will be leaving KK by 8. Do call me ASAP.UNQUOTE

The email Frisco received purportedly from our friend is as follows:

Date: Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 4:39 AM
Subject: Emergency

How are you doing today? I am sorry I didn't inform you about my travelling to Africa for a program called "Empowering Youth to Fight Racism, HIV/AIDS, Poverty and Lack of Education, the program is taking place in three major countries in Africa which is Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria. It had been a very sad and bad moment for me here; the present condition that I found myself is very difficult for me to explain.

I am really stranded in Nigeria at this moment because I forgot my little bag in a Taxi where my money, passport, documents and other valuable things were kept on my way to the Hotel I am staying, I am facing a hard time and lots difficulties here because I have no money on me. I now owe a hotel bill of $850.85 and they wanted me to pay the bill soon else they will have to get me embarrassed up and detained by the hotel management. Please I need urgent help from you, I only need you to help me with the hotel bill and I will also need $800 to feed and help myself back home. I had been to the State Embassy and they were so kind to assist me with some money and I paid part of the hotel bill.

Please can you help me with a sum of $1,500 to sort out my problems here and get back home, I don't even have money to feed myself for a day, which I had to starve for many days if I continue staying here. Kindly help me transfer some money as soon as you got my e-mail either through the Western Union or Money Gram to re-arrange from my misfortune here and help myself get back home soon.

Try to understand how bitterer I feel this moment I'm writing you. I needed this help so much and on time to get out of this mess because I am in a terrible and tight corner right now. Also thank the hotel manager "Mr. John Ken" he had so much helped me here, he assisted talked to the hotel management behalf before they extended my days of staying even after my misfortune until I get in touch with any of the friends that cares to help me out here. Please don't feel so much bothered in case you called and couldn't hear from me because many a times the hotel management does not allow emergency calls here due to languages involved and other security reasons, I am alright presently all I needed right now is your financial aid to sort things out here and get back home safely.

I am sending you this e-mail from the city local Library and I only have 30 min, I will appreciate what so ever you can afford to send me for now and I promised to pay back your money as soon as I get back home, I'm forwarding along with my personal details for you to go any Western Union or Money-gram immediately and transfer the money because I need to be safe here and get back home shortly. It very unfortunate i lost all my contact with most Friends that would so much loved helping me back home if they get to know this. I will contact to create your awareness immediately I received the funds. I am so much glad I contacted you in a bad moment like this because of your concern and lovely care.

Please if you really care for me, want me happy and need me safe back home; kindly take my below details to the nearest Western Union or Money Gram and Transfer some money for me to pay the hotel bill and return home. You can get back to me through the e-mail or the hotel manager "MR.JOHN KEN" regarding the MTCN for pick up as soon as you transfer the money.

Please don't disclose my request before friends, just keep everything within yourself until I get back I will explain better. Below are my details you can transfer the money so that i will return home happily. Take this to the Western Union OR Money Gram immediately you got my e-mail.

Thanks allots for your care and concern helping me back home.

Details You Need Now;
Full Name: (friend’s name)
TEXT QUESTION: Who is the Receiver
ANSWER: (friend’s name)
Country&Code: Nigeria / 23401
Address:23/25, Maryland Street, MI NIGERIA
Hotel Name: Quarter Jack Mild Int'l Lodge & Suits
Hotel Line: +234-705-5610-969, +234-806-5261-102

Best Regards
(friend’s name)

When I browsed further in my Inbox, I found out one email was marked from our friend in “dilemma”. When I opened the email, it was exactly similar to what Frisco received. The email came with his legitimate email address and his full name. So, Frisco and I traded some SMS just to ascertain that our friend is alright.

Be warned that the above email is a SCAM. Frisco and I did some investigation ourselves where Frisco found out that our friend is “alive and kicking” in Kota Kinabalu and at the same time I found this information. Please click here for explanation that cleared our worries.

How did thing like this happened? For our friend’s case, there is a legitimate explanation as told by him to Frisco. He lost his PDA while in KL. That could be the explanation, particularly when passwords and other critical information are stored inside the PDA. Once lost, many times shy.

So my advices to the readers are (a) Please change you email password regularly and ATM, credit cards passwords as well and all other passwords for that matter. (b) Never store critical information in your PDA or hand phone. Of course it is very handy to have everything in a single gadget but the repercussions are agonising.

If you received similar emails as mentioned above please do not deposit any money to the said account, no matter how in sympathy are you for a friend in need. Please verify accordingly.