Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Depicted below is an email I received from New Zealand pertaining to the Nigerian Scam. The same email was sent to Frisco and several other recepients. It seems the scam is going global and readers are advice to be vigilant for such emails. Thank you.

QUOTE : from: Anthony Lammert
date : Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 11:53 AM
subject : Re: Scam
mailed-by :

11:53 AM (5 hours ago) Reply

Good day!
Well,well Fris, I got this 'anon plea' through our good kawan true email yesterday and by the very familiar art of writing, and from Nigeria too, I knew for once it's just a BIG SCAM indeed! The likelihood of this Niger trickster in obtaining our good friend's particular could be from his www portal.(as it is a public domain). Only an artful 'IT savy tech person' would be able to circumscribe 'through the back door' to obtain such data! In Nigeria it's soooo easy to open a bank acc. by using assumed names and in this case it's a 'so-called hotel manager' acting as 'proxy' of our good friend! So, be smart and don't get caught! But. who's in the right mind would send such considerable sum to a suspiciuos bank acc.?

Cheers all!
Antonio, St Johns, Auckland - UNQUOTE

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