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A family of maid abusers

A family of maid abusers

Combo picture of the abused maid Badingah (left) and Maselly who was jailed three years

CRUELTY doesn’t seem to have bounds and this time, the culprits are a family of them.

On Wednesday, the last of them – 39-year-old grandmother Maselly Abdul Aziz – paid the price for going to the extreme.

She was jailed three years for pouring boiling water on maid Badingah’s genitals and joining in to extract the Indonesian woman’s two front teeth with pliers.

Her two older children and a woman described in court as Maselly’s lesbian lover were jailed last year for their part in abusing the maid, the Singapore Straits Times reported.

Nur Rizan, 18 and Muhammad Iz'aan, 20 were jailed for six weeks

Maselly, a divorcee, will start her jail sentence on Dec 28 as her elder daughter Nur Rizan Mohd Sazali, 19, would be released on home detention by then to look after her (Nur Rizan’s) two-year-old son.

After the three-week trial, Singapore District Judge Jeffrey Sim was also convinced that Maselly had hit Badingah with a metal rod and threatened to kill her.

She pleaded guilty to employing another foreign maid without a work permit between March and December 2005 and was fined S$7,500.

Nur Rizan had acted as the “dentist” in extracting the maid’s teeth. Elsa Elyana Said, 25, a container driver and said to be Maselly’s lesbian lover, held the maid’s head still and forced her mouth open.

Nur Rizan was jailed 26 months – 12 months for forcibly extracting the two teeth and another 14 months for pouring boiling wax on the maid.

Elsa was jailed 17 months while Nur Rizan’s brother Muhammad Iz’aan, 21, a waiter, was jailed six weeks for caning Bandigah.

Badingah, who now wears dentures, showing where he teeth were pulled out

In the teeth extraction incident, Bandigah had been accused of theft and kept protesting her innocence. But she was not believed – and went on to lose her teeth.

Bandigah, in one of the punishments meted out for an unnamed infraction, had been ordered to stand facing the door through the whole night with one leg off the ground and holding her ears.

Muhammad Iz’aan caned her when she put down that leg.

In July 2007, Badingah escaped by jumping from a window of the second-storey flat near Havelock Road to seek help.

She was found with numerous injuries including bruises, cuts, an infected scalp and scalding on her genitals, thigh, arms, and back.

* Pictures courtesy of Singapore Straits Times
Montage by Amira Hakmal Hakim

Published Nov 4 2009

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