Friday, March 28, 2008


Sipitang Community Portal

Sipitang Community Portal (SCP) was developed by a group of ambitious young tech savvy from Sipitang to fulfil their passion for internet technology and web-hosting. SCP was developed in May, 2006 and opened for public access in early 2007. It came with a humble beginning as Sipitang channels utilising IRC server confined only amongst close friends and only later they decided to open for public access.

SCP is managed by a group of tech savvy, ambitious young people known by their nicks as follows: -

1. DragonEyes – Main Admin
2. Lammeith - Admin
3. Nie HN or nie99hani - Admin
4. vamxxx - Admin
5. TheKiller - Admin (shared account with Main Admin)

When asked what are their objectives in developing Sipitang Community Portal? “Sharing of information, news, tutorials, tips and activities with users who have access to the internet facility particularly the locals and Sipitang people now residing outside the district.” DragonEyes elaborates.

“As anticipated, the response is a little bit slow due to the fact that the internet users in the district are still low. Nevertheless as of now SCP has 27 verified members inclusive of Admin and Moderators.” He added.

DragonEyes is optimistic that SCP will invite more traffic from the surrounding areas particularly Lawas, Labuan, Beaufort, Limbang and the neighbouring country Negara Brunei Darussalam. Family ties between the neighbouring Sarawak state and Negara Brunei Darussalam is the main factor that will generate more traffic to Sipitang Community Portal.

Guests and visitors from Sarawak and Negara Brunei Darussalam in particular and other Malaysian who may have past personal connection with Sipiting are most welcome to join SCP. For those who were hailed from Sipitang and currently residing somewhere else, please lend your support to the portal by registering as members and make the portal as our cyber meeting place to say hello and exchange of ideas.

Please click here to access and register yourself as member @Sipitang Community Portal.

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